premier security to protect the vulnerable

PRAELIO® is revolutionizing security. Our wholistic security solutions combine strategic consulting expertise with handpicked law-enforcement and military veterans. Our premier end-to-end security protects you and mitigates risk.

Premier Service

Smart, high-end security to dramatically reduce risk.

Strategic Security

Comprehensive security solutions that integrate all facets of prevention, response, and recovery.

Experienced firm

Leverage expertise from professionals with decades of military, law enforcement, and operational risk management experience.


We streamline your security


Expanded accessibility to premier security solutions for a wide range of enterprises, institutions, and populations. 


Integrates security and risk management solutions into a unified framework that is scalable to your needs.


Surpass the standard of care, safeguarding client reputation and reducing risk of liability. 


Comprehensive Security Programs, integrating actively managed prevention, response, and recovery measures.


Strategies derived from years of professional experience managing operational risk in the military, law enforcement, and high-stakes commercial sectors.

a Revolution in security

PRAELIO® Security & Risk Management is a veteran owned and operated security and risk management firm. We operate throughout the continental United States. PRAELIO® was founded by military officers with decades of experience in overseas combat operations, law enforcement, and physical security in high-risk commercial environments.

Professional Services

Security administration, from assessments and audits to planning and managed programs.

Protective Services

Top-tier critical protection for your institution.


Enhance your organization’s preparedness 

How PrÆlio® works

Step 1: Connect

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Step 2: Assess needs

Assess client needs and identify solutions.

Step 3: deliver solutions

Leverage our expertise in safeguarding your enterprise.

Discover the PrÆlio® approach to security and risk management.

“Security is not the absence of danger, but the presence of ability to handle danger.”


About PrÆlio®

PRAELIO® was founded to resolve critical gaps in security and risk management for vulnerable enterprises. We deliver proven solutions in an accessible, unified framework that facilitates client operations. We empower those who demand uncompromising safety, because true strength isn't just about achieving what's possible – it's about defining it.