Protective Services

Dedicated security personnel to protect life and property, with cost-effective consortium security service model.

Trained Protectors

Highly trained and experienced security is one of the best ways to deter and respond to critical incidents.

Our protection teams are comprised only of former military and law enforcement officers. This is to ensure that you are receiving top-tier critical protection for your institution.

Our top priority is your safety and security. We offer dedicated security personnel to protect life and property, but we also offer a cost-effective consortium security service model.

The consortium security service allows multi-site entities to share resources, strategically placed during times of higher vulnerability or elevated threat levels.

Our protection team not only provides advanced incident response capabilities, but also serve as your security management asset, training your team and administering your security program.

Rigorous vetting

Our PRAELIO® security teams are comprised of highly skilled professionals from military, law enforcement, and high-risk security backgrounds. We rigorously vet each officer to ensure they have exemplary records and the right qualities for any environment.

Our team members are not only experts in tactical and protective services but also excel in communication and education, making them adept at both safeguarding and instructing in various settings.

We provide comprehensive, ongoing training for our officers, exceeding standard requirements, to ensure they are adept in both non-lethal and lethal force, emphasizing crisis management, de-escalation, and the maintenance of a calm and competent presence.

This approach reduces potential risks while enhancing the safety and security of our clients.