Professional Services

We provide advisory, training, and consulting services for both special-purpose and ongoing capacities, for all your security concerns.

Security Plans & Policies

Depending on client need, we build comprehensive security plans and policies tailored to your institution’s security, safety, and risk management objectives.

Our programs are scaled based on client input, integrate prevention and response measures, and implement all federal, state, and local policy guidelines.

For clients with multiple locations, our standardization structure streamlines oversight and administration.

Enterprise Security Management

PRÆLIO® Enterprise Security Management is a proprietary and cost-effective offering that provides you with a comprehensive security management suite.

This model is perfect for mid-sized and multi-site clients looking to optimize cost, without sacrificing results.

After site-specific assessments, we will build your security plans and then partner with you in the management of the on-going implementation of your program, utilizing a proprietary security compliance software system to automate and simplify the ongoing execution of your security program.

Our security management suite enables your busy staff to concentrate on running day-to-day operations and not become over-burdened with managing a security program. We will train your team, assist in security enhancements, and much more. Our security experts are also your personal consultants, integrated into your security framework, thus eliminating the need to hire and staff additional security managers at each facility.

Enterprise Security Management is a growth-minded security enhancement and will ensure that security is a top-level priority for your institution.

Security Programs normally include but are not limited to the following components, each housed and managed in your custom-build portal:

  • Detailed site assessments and both site-specific and executive reports
  • Plan of security actions and milestones
  • Site and asset mapping (lighting, cameras, alarms, physical infrastructure)
  • Site-specific and centralized security and emergency management plans
  • Compliance measures and tools (security onboarding, periodic audits, training, etc.)
  • Schedule of security improvements
  • Detailed roles and responsibilities
  • Access control and emergency/medical response protocol
  • Reporting and record-keeping
  • Training and drill protocol and scheduling
  • Communications plan
  • Continuity of Operations and Reconstitution protocol
  • Training, tools, and resources
  • Continued support

Security & Vulnerability Assessments

We conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate your institution’s current risk and security posture in view of critical vulnerabilities, preventative measures, and response capability.

Our tiered scoring systems provide valuable analysis and insight to enable effective prioritization of resources for corrective action.

This step is essential as a periodic evaluation or as an initial step prior to implementing a formal security or risk management program.


For clients with active formal security programs, we provide external audits that are designed to be an evaluation of the institution’s administrative security plan, vulnerabilities, established protective measures, and overall effectiveness of program implementation, management, and compliance.

At the conclusion of the audit, we provide your institutional leadership with a confidential formal report detailing any identified discrepancies in program compliance, any potential vulnerabilities not captured by your security plan, and positive recommendations for improving your overall security program.

We work with your security management team in detail to discuss audit results and means of improvement in a collaborative, goal-driven manner.


We conduct private third-party investigations of security incidents, breaches, accidents, and employee workplace misconduct. Our detailed reports include factual findings, causal analysis, objective opinions, and specific recommendations for corrective action.

Our investigators are seasoned professionals with significant experience in law enforcement, first response, and commercial industry compliance.


We provide advisory and consulting services in both a special-purpose and ongoing capacity for all security concerns.

We advise on existing security measures based on the nature of your institution, its particular vulnerabilities, and most recent crime and threat reporting.

We offer periodic analyses, evaluations, and reports. We also offer pre-planned pressure testing to evaluate the effectiveness of your security and risk management measures.